"This book will enrich your understanding of marriage, as it has mine, and will enable you to carry a newly enlarged understanding into the consulting room. It is destined to become a classic, enriching all students of marriage and intimate partnerships—seasoned therapist, teacher and student alike. Read it tonight: It will change your practice tomorrow!" - David E. Scharff, MD, International Psychotherapy Institute and author of Object Relations Couple Therapy and The Interpersonal Unconscious


"In this impressive new volume, Richard Zeitner breathes new life into object relations couples therapy. Scholarly yet accessible, the book will be of great value to both beginners and experienced therapists. Zeitner skillfully integrates one-person and two-person psychologies using a pluralistic theoretical edifice that reflects the contemporary zeitgeist of psychoanalytic thought. Self Within Marriage is one of the freshest and most original contributions in the recent psychoanalytic literature." - Glen O. Gabbard, MD, professor of psychiatry and Brown Foundation Chair of Psychoanalysis at Baylor College of Medicine


"In this gem of a book, Richard Zeitner invites us to explore the interior world of couple relationships. A seasoned guide, he takes us on a journey that is rich with insight, vividly illustrating the complex terrain of the couple from the vantage points of object relations, self psychology, systems and attachment theories. His quest is to discover the psychodynamic source of that often paradoxical entity we call ‘the couple,’ which causes so much pain and pleasure. What he provides is a road map that will be an invaluable resource for any therapist who is serious about helping couples who find themselves lost in familiar places." - Christopher Clulow, PhD, senior fellow at the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships, London, and vice chair of the British Society of Couple Psychotherapists and Counsellors

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