Self Within Marriage combines the theoreti­cal orientations of object-relations theory, self psychology, and systems theory as a way of understanding and working with couples and individuals whose relationship and emotional difficulties have centered on the common co­nundrum of balancing individuality and inti­macy. Based on detailed case examples and couple therapy techniques, Self Within Marriage provides individual and couple therapists with a refreshing new framework for working with clients and for helping them understand who they are as individuals and as partners.



That Vital Balance: Being and Intimacy. The Incom­plete Self. You Complete Me: Attachment as the Antidote. Marriage and Other Loving Partnerships: An Interface of Psychology, Biology, and Sociology. Functions of Sexuality in the Adult Partnership. The Centrality of the Selfdyad in the Dynamic Organiza­tion of the Couple. Context, Relationship Mainte­nance, and Refueling. When the Self Fails to Flour­ish. Introspection and Its Enemies. Considerations for Treatment.


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